Human Resources


Choctaw Tribal Schools offer multiple benefits from financial incentives and great insurance to ample professional development opportunities and ongoing support.

Teachers at Choctaw Tribal Schools can expect:

  • Competitive salary
  • Employer provided health insurance
  • Access to affordable supplemental insurance plans (vision, dental, cancer, etc.)
  • 401(k) with up to 8% match from tribe
  • Payment for National Board Certification
  • All federal, tribal, and school holidays off
  • District-wide pacing guides
  • Targeted professional development and support
  • Teacher Assistants in most K-8 and some high school classrooms
  • Choctaw culture/language class as part of orientation 

If you would like to apply for a job within the Choctaw Tribal School System, please click here to download and print the application. 

After filling out the application, please send the completed application to:

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Office of Human Resources

P.O. Box 6033

Choctaw, MS 39350


Current Job Openings

Contact the Department of Schools Human Resources Department at 601-650-7302 for more information and to apply for employment.