ExEd Faculty and Staff

Helen "Re-C" Carter, PhD
Exceptional Education Coordinator
TAG Lead Teacher

Emily Burks: Occupational Therapy Assistant

Edna Cotton: Early Intervention Teacher Assistant

Gloria Echols: Transition Specialist

Angie Gordon: Early Intervention Coordinator

Tracy Jackson: Hearing Impairment/ Visual Impairment Specialist

Mildred Jimmie: Records and Inventory Clerk

Ron Johnson: Homebound Liaison

Jillian Mars: Physical Therapist

Gina Moorehead: Early Intervention Teacher

Julian Roach: Behavior Interventionist

Whitney Stokes: Occupational Therapist

Amber Swann: Curriculum Specialist

Michael Taylor: Psychometrist

Laurie Ward: Early Intervention Teacher

Karla Weir, PhD.: Behavioral Specialist

Cambree York: Exceptional Education Administrative Assistant